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Writing Ideas For Students: 22 Examples Of Great Essay Titles

Writing an interesting essay is one of the greatest causes of frustration at college. Your professor will require you to come up with an interesting essay title. Some require that the title must be approved before you can proceed to write the essay.

If you are not creative enough then you can get stuck at this point of trying to find catchy title. On the internet you will find many adverts telling to check out this company for ideas on how to create title. When you go there you may not be pleased with their work.

The following are 22 examples of greats essay titles. Remember that these are just examples. Ensure that you come up with a title that will please your professor since their interest and requirements may be different from those of most authors on the internet.

  • Should elementary and high school students be allowed to have cell phones at school?

  • Is wearing school uniforms necessary for high school students?

  • Should colleges pay student athletes who play and win trophies for the institution?

  • Is free bus rides by elderly a good idea?

  • Should government censor content that appears in internet search engines?

  • Should Genetically Modified food be labeled so and freely sold in America?

  • Should United States and Canada unite and form one big powerful American country?

  • Should state colleges be made totally free?

  • Should government require all American citizens to complete one year community service before joining universities and colleges?

  • Is it right to legalize marijuana for medical use?

  • Should legal voting age be lowered from 18 to 13 years?

  • Should federal government raise driving age to 21 years?

  • Is it a good idea to reward cash to students who score good grades at school?

  • Should condoms be made available for free at American schools?

  • Should tax on junk and fatty be introduced or increased as a way of fighting obesity?

  • Is it a good idea to teach sexual education in schools?

  • Are the intensive security checks at airports intrusion of right to privacy?

  • Is abortion justified in the event of incest and rape?

  • Is it right ton harvest stem cells from aborted cells for use in medical research?

  • Should scientists be legally allowed to test drugs for human use on rats and other animals?

  • Is universal healthcare program necessary for U.S. citizenry?

  • Should doctors be allowed to terminate lives of terminally ill patients?

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