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A Manual For Composing A Brilliant 3-Page Profile Essay

A profile essay is a detailed form of writing giving comprehensive information about the subject. The subject matter can be a person, place, thing or idea. It uses details to pull readers in while giving an idea of what information should be known about the subject. This essay is common to a descriptive essay, but it may include more facts and information to give a certain perspective on the subject matter. Here is basic insight on how to write a great 3-page profile essay.

  • Review guidelines for your essay and think about details related to your subject. Doing this gives an idea on what perspective to write your paper from and what information you should mention. As you learn more about the assignment take notes on potential topics to write about. Such information will be helpful in developing your outline later.

  • Choose a subject you can write about with dignity. You may have strong feelings about something or someone you choose to write about. Try to focus on including informative details to give readers unique insight on the matter. Your essay will be based on this information and will make up a large bulk of content. The subject should be something you can be honest with while sharing details in a logical manner. Think about details people need to know about the topic.

  • Gather necessary facts related to your subject such as who, what, when, why, and so on. This is where you need to provide descriptive information to create a setting for readers. This information helps set the tone for the project. Such details should be presented with concise clear data. If using additional sources for research make sure they are reliable and offer credible details. At this stage you can develop your outline with related details that will assist in developing your rough draft.

  • Organize details related to your subject in chronological order and start writing your rough draft. Your details should help in developing an outline and overall structure for your paper. How content is organized and presented may be based on your outline. You should decide where and when information will appear in the essay based on the perception you are creating with the subject profile.

  • Finalize content and proofread. Read over your paper carefully and check quality of details along with sentence and paragraph structure.

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