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How To Boost Analytical Essay Writing Skills: Effective Guidelines

Having good writing skills is the key to succeed in every stage of education. Most of the exams demand a short analytical essay on a certain topic. Obviously, the best way to improve in writing is by practising but the efforts must be focused so as to effectively achieve your goals. We provide some useful tips in order to further refine your analytical writing skills.

  • Key elements. Firstly, you should keep in mind the more important components of an outstanding essay:
    • Clarity: the text should transmit the ideas flawlessly.
    • Structure: the format has a direct impact on readability.
    • Sentence Variety: using the same structure for sentences make the essay dull. As a simple rule, never repeat the same phrase - ever.
    • Vocabulary: contrary to common belief, there is no need to use refined vocabulary. What an essay need is variety and accuracy.
    • Language and Grammar: this element needs no explanation. The correct use of language is a must.
    • Reasoning: the whole text needs to be coherent. Logical reasoning is appreciated to support what the document states.
    • Evidence: in order to convince the reader, you will need to provide some supporting data.
  • Length. The longer does not imply the best in essay writing. Besides, the longer the text, the most likely it is that you make a mistake (grammar, spelling, etc). Better safe than sorry; a reasonable upper limit for a compelling article is about 500 to 600 words in 30 minutes.
  • Basic structure. Regardless of the topic, the structure is similar in every case. First, you need a topic sentence that introduces the situation or the topic to the reader. Next, you complete the paragraph by explaining what the consequences are. In addition, you are able to provide some evidence to back your point up.
  • One paragraph, one idea. Try to avoid mixing key ideas whenever possible. It is better to leave the overall summary for the introduction or – most frequently – for the conclusion. In the body of the essay, use each paragraph to introduce and explain (or support) one important idea.
  • Introduction and conclusion. Almost every essay follows the following structure: introduction, body and conclusion. Once you master this simple format, you may be able to try other arrangements out. Take your time thinking about the structure beforehand; it makes a great difference on the ultimate result.
  • Proofread. Save some time to proofread in order to correct any possible mistake.

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