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Sixteen Popular Evaluation Essay Topics On Art Theory

This is going to be a pretty easy job. An evaluation essay is a review of something based on a set of criteria. You have to keep in mind these criteria at all time so that the presentation turns out great. There are three key components here. The judgment, the criteria, and the evidence. All three have to intertwine with each other, so the work turns out to be the best. The judgment will be your overall opinion, stated as explicitly as possible. The criteria are the reasons why you made that decision. The evidence that is going to support everything and keep everything in place.

  1. Art history. From ancient times to modern days, art has changed its form in so many ways that we can't even comprehend. Where did it all start? How is it moving? Where will it get?
  2. Influences on artists. Different art theories have influenced artists throughout the ages. How did they do that? Did it make their work better?
  3. Theory of truth. There are a few out there, and each of them has its problems. Which one has the few? Do you agree with any of them?
  4. What is art? An abstract subject that could be written in a million ways.
  5. Different art movements. There were many times, some of them are famous while some of them not so much, but very good nonetheless.
  6. Traditionalist theory. Emphasize on this theory and tell us what to do you think about it. Do you agree or disagree? Based on what criteria?
  7. Feminist Art Theory. Understanding it could be as hard as understanding woman themselves, but it would be an interesting try nonetheless.
  8. A visitation to museums of art. There are numerous out there, some of them very famous. Where can you visit them? What can you see in there? Is it worth it?
  9. The necessity of art. Some would say it's irrelevant, other that it's the way God and The Universe express itself. What do you think?
  10. Indian Art. It is very complex, and its symbolism is very meaningful.
  11. Native American Art. Another great example of meaningful and full of symbols art that could enlighten a few individuals.
  12. Pop Art. Widespread today.
  13. Evolution of Art. Since it transforms itself, does it evolve or involve?
  14. Therapy. Art or Science? Good debate, pros and cons on both sides.
  15. Offensive Public Art. Our cities are full of it. Some give a strong message; other are done only to vandalize.
  16. Art Institute Of Chicago. A well-known place, but people would need some more info on it.

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