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Advanced Strategies For Writing A Brief Response Essay

A response paper is usually a short essay that is meant to convey the reaction of the writer to one or more texts that he has read before. This type of assignment is usually given to students after reading a fiction work or reading through various articles. There are 3 main parts of a response essay. These are:

  • The introduction. Here you will introduce the article or book that you have read and you will state the focus of your response paper.

  • Body. There is one or several issues that will be stated in the body.

  • The conclusion. This part will sum up or conclude on the argument

Depending on the instructions that you have been given by your teacher, you may or may not be allowed to use some external sources. It is worth noting that a response paper is different from a review and you are not allowed to provide a value statement on the text that is been discussed. Here is the structure of the response essay.


The thesis could be about a particular trend on image use in the author’s work or what is parallel with the life of the author.


The body should be a keen going through the author’s work while examining its relevant aspects. Generally you find that there are so many things that you can work on and therefore you can choose to focus on just but a few things. Here are a few tips that you can read through literary work:

  • Find literary devices like metaphor, simile, alliteration, image, onomatopoeia and assonance that will help you to convey your overall message concerning the work.

  • Check the themes used in the work and illustrate how these contribute to that work’s overall meaning

  • Check the meaning of Latin or Greek words and how the author uses deeper meaning to add to the complexity of the work

  • Relate certain aspects in the work to the experience or life of the author

The most important thing is to ensure that you have enough evidence to support your thesis. In case you find some key arguments against the thesis, you can have another shot at the thesis. Look also at older analysis of the work for inspiration and ideas. You can also look at this company for more ideas on how to write a brief response essay


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