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A List Of Unique Cause And Effect Essay Topics About Sports

If you are tasked with writing a cause and effect paper there are many topics you might want to cover. But of course sports is one of the most popular when you are writing a cause and effect paper about sports consider the following topics:

  • Create a paper that examines whether or not exercising is good for your health
  • Create a paper that describes the effects of drug use as it relates to professional sports
  • Create a paper that focuses on whether team leaders can bring a sports team down or improved that sports team
  • Review how sports can affect the lives of those who play them
  • Explain what effect certain hormones have on your body, particularly those hormones which are released during sports.
  • Review The causes of addiction to video games and how sports can change that
  • Examine the effects of drinking far too much water
  • Examine the effects of not taking a bath after playing sports
  • Examine whether there are effects associated with playing too many sports
  • Review whether too much of a workout from sports might be bad for your health
  • Explain the effects that technology has on current sports
  • Review the social effect that playing sports has on children
  • Review whether there is a problem with over scheduling in school
  • Review whether playing sports has a positive or negative effect on grades
  • Review the negative effects of eating junk food and trying to play sports

If you are writing a cause and effect essay about sports you need to find a topic as the first step but after that you need to find research to support the main points you are going to make. This requires you to visit your school library and find quotes from reputable sources, data, statistics, and other forms of evidence to back up each point you make in the course of your essay.

Remember that the paper you compose should be something you can support with evidence. This means that you have to spend some time searching for evidentiary support in the form of statistics, quotes from an expert in the field or someone with similar qualifications professionally. You should always provide some background to the topic for your reader as well, so that they know why the points you are making are relevant and important to them, and why they should care.


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