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Child Obesity

Child obesity is a serious health issue that is getting more pressing by the day. In the last 30 years the number of obese children doubled, and the number of overweight adolescents quadrupled. This is a solid proof of the fact that obesity has turned into an epidemic that affects people of all ages, ethnicities and social standing. As such, it must be addressed by the government and various social services in order to reduce the number of people suffering from this condition.

It is usually difficult to determine the cause of obesity in a child, but one way or another, parents are the ones responsible for it. However, it must be said that in certain cases the circumstances are beyond their control. This happens when its genes that increase the child’s risk of becoming obese. Though, in these situations, it is usually possible to control this inclination to an extent. It is imperative that the parents consider the risks to their offspring by analyzing their families’ histories and take the children to regular checkups. The doctor who oversees the child must be informed of the possible genetic risks so that he or she can develop a prevention plan. After this, it is up to parents to teach their child to follow the doctor’s advice and explain the importance of it.

Genes may increase certain risks, but this issue alone is rarely responsible for child obesity. It is one thing to have an inclination to become overweight and another to actually develop this condition. Lifestyle and especially diet are usually the main reasons for children gaining too much extra weight. Seeing as parents are usually the ones who control children’s rations, it is safe to say that it is their direct responsibility to ensure that their offspring maintain healthy weight. This can be done by providing the child with healthy meals and snacks, including the ones he or she takes to school. It is impossible to keep children off unhealthy foods completely, but their amount and quality must be controlled.

Lack of care and involvement in the child’s life is another reason that can lead to obesity. This kind of attitude usually results in unhealthy lifestyle as the child who does not get enough attention and care ends up antisocial. With the entertainment and communication opportunities offered by the Internet and television, many children stop being physically active.

The issue of child obesity must be treated seriously as the risk to the health of children who suffer from this condition is huge. Parents are the ones who must take the leading role in the fight against this problem.


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