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Selecting Interesting Essay Topics: 7 Inspiring Ideas

Not all students are created equal, however, most of the work they are required to do, is. Essay writing is a big part of a student’s everyday life. No matter what the subject, the school level, or age of the student, many feel that writing an essay is a difficult task. Often times the most difficult part of writing an essay is choosing the topic. Likewise, the topic is one of the most important parts of the essay. Without a topic, there is no essay. For all of those students struggling to find a great essay topic, here are 7 inspiring tips to help you get started.

  1. Find something that interests you. This is a very important aspect to remember because if the topic is of no interest, the research and writing will be subpar due to general boredom.
  2. Choosing a topic that you already have a base knowledge of. If you already have, an understanding of the subject, research and writing will be twice as easy. In addition, it will not take as much work as it would if there is no previous knowledge.
  3. Start broad and then narrow it down. Begin with a broad topic, something general that you have an interest in. Then narrow it down to a specific area of the general topic. Then pick a specific aspect of the specific area. Now you have an essay topic.
  4. Find a new way to approach the topic. Always look for new point of views, perspectives, and areas from which to approach the topic. The more unique the view, the better.
  5. Look at your everyday life. What do you spend the most time doing and/or thinking about? Sports? A collection? Family? School? Work? The things that you think about the most are always a good place to look for essay topics.
  6. Make a list. Take time to make a list of ideas for possible topic using the tips above. Write down anything that comes to mind no matter how silly it may seem. Somewhere in this list is an amazing topic.
  7. If you have a list or even a general idea of a possible topic, start researching to see what is available as well as some ideas of ways to narrow down your idea into a solid topic. There will be that one thing that might spark off an amazing idea or a defined concept. Work with what you have and what you know and you will have a stellar essay.

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