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Writing A Top-Quality Classification Essay: The Essentials

Unlike common high school or college essay, classification essay writing is a much more complicated process and involves much research to be done. Sometimes you have to write the same old school topics with special attention and accuracy, conducting more extensive research on the same. This is when your writing is called classified. But how can one write a classification essay? Writing one involves following strict guidelines specially meant for classification essays and these are the basic rules that are followed by all while writing.

Points to be kept in mind while writing a unique classification essay

The first and foremost point to be kept in mind is classifying your essay into useful categories based on the subjects, sub-heading and providing fitting examples for each paragraph. The following are the elemental rule to be kept in mind while writing the same:

  • Find the categories: The most important part is finding the categories in which you are going to classify the sub-parts. For example, your topic involves genres of literature. So first decide how you wish to sort out the sub-headings- depending on the genres or depending on the language.
  • Introduction: This can get confusing as it progresses, so a good introduction of what is about to follow is essential. Provide some descriptive information or fun facts to attract readers to your work.
  • Thesis sentence: Include a thesis sentence that will help in identifying briefly the main approaches observed in your writing.
  • The body paragraphs or the sub headings: These are the main part where you actually approach your topic. Break the paragraphs with each new sub-part and discuss that subpart under the respective heading. If your topic is the “best cricket players of all time”, dedicate one paragraph for each of the chosen cricketers and their names as the sub-heading.
  • Be Chronological: Depending on the topic you are working on, be devoted to a proper sequence of things. If your topic is historical and involves dates don’t be random about your approach. The more organized your writing is, the more reader-friendly and appealing will it be to the reader.
  • Provide a good conclusion: Writing a conclusion actually helps you in voicing the various analytical perspectives that you have observed while compiling the essay. The concluding paragraph must be brief and to the point but also provide a overall compact feel to your work.

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