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How To Start A College Essay About Yourself: 10 Great Suggestions

If you need to write a college essay, then you will probably have to discuss yourself in some way. Essentially, this form of academic paper is generally used in conjunction with a college application, and is designed to sell yourself to the college that you are applying to. To assist you with it the following outlines 10 great suggestions to help you start the work.

  1. Looking at work written by other people inspiration
  2. Sometimes, looking at papers that other people have written can be a great source of inspiration, and can give you some ideas of how to start your own work.

  3. Making a list of positives about yourself
  4. You need to ensure that you are selling yourself as much as possible, so it can be a good idea to make a list of positives about yourself. You can then use one of these positives in the opening of your paper.

  5. Brainstorming specific topics to write about
  6. It may be that you want to write about a specific topic relating to yourself, and brainstorming techniques can help you to think good ideas.

  7. Planning your work
  8. You should plan your work before you start writing anything, as this will help to ensure that you are as logical as possible with what you write.

  9. Deciding where to begin
  10. You might decide to start with the body section, rather than the introduction. Sometimes it is easy to write the introduction once you have an idea of what you will write about.

  11. Simply getting something written down for your first draft
  12. Do not worry about getting things perfect at the first attempt. For your first draft, simply write down any ideas that you have.

  13. Changing your first draft
  14. Ultimately, you will need to rewrite your first draft, and it is with your second, third and subsequent drafts that you will perfect what you have written.

  15. What to include in your introduction
  16. Your introduction should ensure that the reader knows why you are writing the paper, and what they should expect from the rest of the work.

  17. What to avoid with your essay
  18. Both at the start of your paper, and throughout, you should avoid any negative points that do not show you in a positive light.

  19. Standing out and trying to be unique
  20. Finally, try and think of something that will help you to stand out as unique, as this will help people to remember you, which can have a positive effect on your application.


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