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Inner Beauty vs. External

The argument of inner beauty vs. external beauty is very old and both the sides have had some strong arguments. External beauty has always been perceived as pleasant by the eye, while inner beauty has always been associated with the good in the world. In an optimum situation, an individual will have a balance of both inner and external beauty; however perfection is something that is very rare in this world. Some people are blessed with external beauty while they lack the inner beauty while others are blessed with inner beauty with the extent of external beauty that is normally deemed insufficient. A small proportion of people are blessed with both.

Inner beauty is more associated with the ethics and morals of an individual. What a person thinks is his/her own choice therefore taking a peek into one’s inner beauty can be a very difficult task. A person cannot be judged entirely on the basis of his/her outlook and external appearance. We cannot know what the person is thinking based on their looks. We cannot see whether their thoughts are evil or good. Therefore, most of the world relies on external beauty to judge an individual’s character. We can also include an individual’s behavior in external beauty in addition to the looks. This is because an individual’s whole personality is built up by his looks and his behavior.

Most of the philosophers have written about ethics and morals, and how these forces can turn the world in to a peaceful place. These are the factors that dwell within an individual and this is what mostly determines the extent of inner beauty of an individual. If an individual thinks ethically, it is often reflected in his actions as those are bound to be ethical and moral as well. Thus, inner beauty also influences the external beauty of the individual by enhancing his/her behavior.

In conclusion, it can be said that the inner beauty if more important as compared to the external beauty because inner beauty actually makes an individual good and morally sound, and this resultantly enhances an individual’s attitude, behavior and the whole personality. However, most of the individuals judge others on the basis of external beauty which is a limitation of judgment. On the other hand, there may be some individuals who may be able to identify an individual’s inner beauty and make judgments about their personality accordingly. This is the case for which they say “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.


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