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How to Come Up with Easy Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

It can be very easy to come up with a number of easy compare and contrast essay topics. That of course does not guarantee that you will actually write something that is good and which will receive an excellent score. Yes, the choice of topic is vital but so too is your ability to structure the essay well and to write it well.

One of the best ways to come up with an easy compare and contrast essay topic is to think of something with which you are particularly familiar. Of course there is always the opportunity to research whatever essay topic you choose but if you choose something you know about or are involved in or have experience with then chances are your writing will be richer and better. There is a list of easy compare and contrast essay topics at the end of this article. It's very easy for you to choose any one of these and adapt it to a situation with which you are familiar.

Never forget however that the basics of writing well, planning well and editing and proofreading will always apply no matter how easy you found the task of writing your compare and contrast essay. Some people think that the structure should simply be a left and right column where you work through the various points. That can work for a number of people. Find the system which works best for you. But always remember that a topic with which you have an intimate knowledge is always going to be an easier topic to tackle.

Having a number of points for comparison can be good but quality is always relevant. A dozen points where some are weak is not as good as only four or five points where each point is rich and deep.

  1. Why I prefer weeds to flowers.
  2. What’s the difference between a president and a tramp?
  3. I prefer a snob to a nerd.
  4. The difference between poverty and paranoia.
  5. The early explorers versus the space explorers.
  6. My best friend and my worst enemy.
  7. Who is worse - a school bully or a dictator?
  8. I would rather be afraid than be bored.
  9. Being lost in a jungle or being lost at sea.
  10. The actions taken by Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks.

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