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How To Write An Essay Using Critical Analysis: A Quick Guide

There will be many essays that you are asked to write throughout your schooling. One of the most difficult types of essay is a critical analysis. It is one of the most difficult papers in that it requires you to look deeper into the piece than just the written word. This is not as easy as it sounds. It will explain exactly what is expected of you and how easy it will be to accomplish it.

  1. Find the thesis
  2. The first step is to determine what the thesis is for the paper. You can usually find this at the end of the introduction. It should be a sentence or two that is the main focus of the paper. If the paper has been written successfully, you will not have a hard time finding the thesis because the whole paper will be focused on this statement.

  3. Identify all of the main points
  4. The next step is to identify the main points. These are usually listed in the thesis as reasons for the main statement. You can use a highlighter to make these statements stand out which is a great way to conduct your analysis.

  5. Conduct research
  6. If the author has failed to present information on some of the subjects, you will want to conduct some research so that you truly understand the topics that are being discussed. You should understand what the author is talking about. A well written paper will be written sophisticated enough to present the material but also include information that will help someone that doesn’t have extensive knowledge on the topic.

  7. Give your review
  8. Give your reader a description of the piece in your words instead of in the author’s words. You can add a small summary of the piece and then give your opinions on how well the author presented their ideas as well as where they can improve them.

  9. Express how well the author made it relatable
  10. Determine whether the piece is relatable. Does it appeal to the reader’s emotions and logic? You are analyzing how well your reader has explained their topic and how well they have presented their ideas. You need to find the areas that are worth analyzing and see how they were presented to the audience.


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