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Composing An Impressive Conclusion For A Critical Analysis Essay

You think you are finally finished. After hours or days of research and writing, you finally reached the end f your essay and now you need to write a conclusion . Your conclusion is the most important part of your whole paper. It ties together all the ideas you brought up. It decides how your readers feel about the time they spent in reading your work. People often remember the last thing they read, so you got to get it just perfect. Here are some points on how to achieve this goal.

  • Draw your points together. Help them connect the lines between ideas. Add a new quote or idea as something that will enlighten readers to a deeper aspect of your paper.
  • Do not just repeat what you said, clearly state why you said what you said. You want your readers to understand the meanings of the points you focused on. You do not want them to put the paper down wondering why it matters. You know why it matters so make sure your readers do too.
  • If you are stuck and really just do not know what to say, think “so what?” Think about what you would say if you were talking to a friend and they were asking you why you wrote that. It will make you find a way to elaborate what you wrote.

You want to completely original. Your paper should reflect you and your ideas. What you do not want to do is have a basic conclusion. Try to leave out typical phrases pointing out that your paper is done. Let your work be drawn to an end naturally. Do not leave your important statements for the end. This is not the time to make new announcements. Do not be overly emotional or try to make the reader emotional. Your conclusion should be clear and precise . You cannot achieve this by throwing in extra points that you could not fit in anywhere else. That will just add confusion about your key points.

As you reread and edit, your article focus on your conclusion . The ability to draw your readers to their own conclusions is the sign of a great writer. Maintain your style of writing, smoothly and effectively, by keeping the tone flowing right to the end. Leave your reader feeling like they understand the topic. Take your time and let your paper conclude on its own is the most impressive way to conclude your essay.


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