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5 Places Where You Can Get a Critique Essay Example for Free

It is nice to have a sample essay to refer you as you write your critique essay. It should be very easy to get a sample critique paper, but you will not get all of it. You need to be able to see the introduction, one piece of the body, and the conclusion if you get a sample. And you should never copy the sample; use it as a model only. There are five places where you can get a sample critique paper: from your teacher, from a friend, from online, from a writing company, or from a tutor.

A Sample from Your Teacher

Your teacher should have a folder of sample essays. You will not be able to remove the essay from class and you may have to go after class to have access to the folder. Just ask your teacher if he or she has one.

A Sample from a Friend

If you have a friend who is a good writer, ask them if you can see their writing folder. You can look at the essays and see how they have been written. You need to make sure to take care of the writing portfolio and to always return it to the friend.

A Sample from Online

There are thousands of critique essays online. You just need to consider the source and make sure you only preview essays from someone one qualified to write them. Using a bad sample for your essay would not be good.

A Sample from a Writing Company

Writing companies will give you pieces of samples. They want you to hire them, so they are willing to provide samples of their work to you. Just email and ask them, and know that they will try to get you to become a customer. It is good to always have a good writing company at your fingertips.

A Sample from a Tutor

You can ask a tutor for a sample essay. You need to keep in mind that tutors are more expensive that writing companies, and you actually may have to pay for some of the sample.

Using a sample for your next critique paper is a smart move. You can find samples from your teacher, from a friend, from a writing company, from online or from a tutor. Consider this option the next time you are assigned a paper.


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