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Composing A Solid Opinion Essay On The Emerging Power Of Public

Opinion essays are brilliant for firing you up, they are also relatively easy to write because let’s face it everyone has an opinion. Even if you have never thought about a particular subject before it is not beyond the realms of possibility to formulate an opinion. Opinions can be formed in two ways:

  • Snap, instinctive opinions

  • Opinions formulated after conducting research

It doesn’t matter how you come to your opinion, so long as you have on in this instance on the emerging power of the public. Or, in layman’s terms “People Power”

So, in case you are still wavering a little on the issue, here are my top tips on composing one:

Define public

It is important before you put pen to paper or start tapping away at your keypad that you have a very clear idea in your own mind as to what constitutes the public. While to some people it may loosely be anyone beyond their own circle of family or friends, broadly speaking it is a little wider than that.

Think about how that group of people has secured their powerl

Okay, so we have a lot of definitions flying around here, but it is also very important that you grapple with the concept of how these people have secured their power. Power, means different things to different people. To some it might simply being having the power to choose what they want at the supermarket. To others it might mean the right to vote. Broadly speaking we are talking here about:

  • Consumer power – the ability to hold large and small businesses to account/ransom

  • People power – The ability to take democratic governments to task and occasionally down.

How has this happened?

The internet and rise of social media in particular is the biggest factor in why people have more power these days. Just about everyone on the planet has a smartphone (or so it seems!) So, this means that a demonstration about absolutely anything can quickly be videoed, and then images uploaded to social media and shared in the click of a mouse by millions of people. This is incredibly compelling and is forcing a lot of governments.

Get visual

With an essay of this nature, then the more visual you can be the better. Use images and wherever possible links to actual examples of the public demonstrating their new found people power!


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