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Euripides was a highly influential dramatist in the classic culture of Greece who was born in 485 B.C. Stemming from Athens, Greece, Euripides developed rich artworks of 90 plays that were very useful in reinventing Greek myths and probing the dark side of the nature of humans. This was very evident in such plays as The Bacchae, Medea, Alcestis, The Trojan Women and Hippolytus among others. Euripides would later die in Macedonia in 406 B.C. Throughout his life and even beyond, he became a renowned figure in the history of Greece especially the great tragedies that he wrote.

As a famous poet and playwright from Athens, Greece, Euripides developed very informative content about ancient Greece. His plays have survived along with those of others such as Sophocles and Aeschylus. The number of the plays he made during his time varies from one scholar to another. Some say he created ninety-five of them while others allege that they were only ninety-two. Looking at Euripides works, the true sign of a general downfall of art is in the occasional occurrence of beauty that is misplaced and not necessarily deformity. In most cases, tragedy is ruined through eloquence. This is very characteristic of the conspicuity in Euripides works who constantly sacrificed decorum for rhetorical display. This way, the audience is kept in occasional doubt concerning the reading especially if it is about the orator’s speeches or about the poet’s lines.

Despite this uniqueness, the works produced such a quality that made Euripides more popular and a favorite to many than Sophocles and Aeschylus. This made the tragi-comedy very easy and unsophisticated through his treatment. It further made recommendations to him as the model for his new found comedy and to others like Quintilian as the oratory model. During his middle ages, Euripides was well known for his two pronounced contemporaries. This was a period when scholastic subtleties were flawed for eloquence, minute dissimilarities for science along with the verbal quibbles for excellence in dramatic art.

Euripides is undeniably one of the biggest contributors of Greek literature and art. His unique approach to his tragedy comedy and poet produced influential content that impacted the Greek life immensely. There is a lot of work that Euripides has contributed a long with other notable figures of his time. A significant number of his works has survived the generations and have been praised for their uniqueness in the world of art.


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