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Essay Help Online: 10 Great Ideas for Your Next Paper

Writing papers gets boring, especially if you’re doing it day in, day out in pursuit of your degree. If you have some flexibility in your choice of topic, try out some of the following ideas to spice up your writing:

  • Write about a popular TV show
  • There’s no shortage of extreme reality shows or hard hitting fiction. Try using your paper to analyze a particular program in depth.

  • Create a paper about a popular meme
  • Memes weren’t always a huge part of pop culture but now they’re just about everywhere and on every topic. Pick one that’s particularly profound and write about the aspects that helped it go viral.

  • Analyze the actions of a historical figure
  • This one allows you to use a modern lens to view the actions of someone from another time and cultural context.

  • Compare a current war with one from the past
  • This idea is pretty self explanatory.

  • Explain a mathematical concept using words alone
  • Math seems foreign to many people but if it’s not to you, try using your understanding to put a difficult idea into simple language.

  • Break down a complex scientific theory until preschoolers can understand it
  • This idea explains itself.

  • Propose an alternate world economy
  • If you’re an Economics major with an imagination this one should be right up your alley. Think about the methods of dividing resources common to earlier civilizations. Think about the way current economies function and how they are evolving. Now visualize either a Utopian or dystopian future and the economy that would drive it.

  • Give a convincing argument for masculinism
  • Many men feel marginalized by the existing model of feminism. See if you can justify the creation of a recognized concept of ‘masculinism’.

  • Explain the reasons behind changing standards of beauty
  • What is regarded as beautiful varies for people in different times and places quite widely. You can use this paper to analyze why.

  • Argue for or against increased dependence on artificial intelligence
  • Many scientists have argued that AI will lead to humanity’s demise yet many others continue to work feverishly to bring it into common usage. Make a convincing argument as to which side is right.

And there you have it. Ten solid ideas to liven up your papers. If you really want a challenge, see if you can combine any of them to create something bizarre.


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