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Writing an Explanatory Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

You will need to write a fair share of explanatory essays throughout your academic career as this is the most popular kind of written assignments. This is a good thing as this type of paper is the easiest to write. Regular practice will provide you with the experience you need to perfect your explanatory essay writing skills.

However, when you are just starting on these projects, you might need a little help. The following step-by-step guide should give you what you need:

  1. Choose an interesting and original topic.
  2. To make an impressive paper, you need to write about something that people would be interested in reading. Your topic doesn’t have to be unique as long as the ideas expressed in the essay are. You are a unique person whose outlook on any issue is one of a kind, so feel free to share your ideas and views with the readers.

  3. Gather some materials.
  4. You’ll need to do some preliminary research in order to get a better understanding of the subject you want to write about and develop a plan for your future paper.

  5. Develop a thesis and an outline.
  6. Your thesis is the main question/statement that your paper must answer/prove. It is the core of your work and once you develop it, you will be able to see which arguments will be the strongest to support your views. Build your preliminary outline based on this. Remember that the strongest arguments should go first, and there should be only one argument per paragraph.

  7. Do some major research.
  8. When you know what you need to focus on, you should start perusing the materials you have. Look up some valuable sources of information in your school library or online. Take careful notes during your research and organize them right away. This way, you’ll be able to do the actual writing much faster.

  9. Start writing the initial draft.
  10. Now is the time to put all your thoughts on paper. Expand every pint of the outline and add any other ideas you come up with when you start expressing your thoughts in writing.

  11. Revise and edit.
  12. The initial draft must be edited at least three times before it takes the shape of a proper academic essay. First, you need to fix the content, next remove all grammar and spelling mistakes, and finally check the paper’s formatting. It will be easier to notice the mistakes and weaknesses that must be fixed if you let your mind to rest for at least a day after you finish writing.


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