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Brainstorming Techniques: Choose Strong Extended Definition Essay Topics

A good and enjoyable essay writing process boils down to a single factor: Your essay topic. Whichever type of essay you are assigned to write, the topic will determine the first impression, the possibilities, and potential of your content. A weak or boring topic may put off your reader right at the beginning. Considering that this essay will count towards your overall grades, you do not want to bore your reader (the teacher). Make the most of whatever time is available to you and search for a topic that is strong and interesting.

  • A strong topic does not necessarily mean that it is an innovation. Everything has been written about so it is unlikely that you will come up with something novel (unless you have just invented something). Aim for a topic that is interesting for you and your audience, and tackle it in a new way. Offer a fresh perspective on the subject. Take a controversial position. Whatever you do, remember that boring means dead!
  • If you have an interest in something that others do not know much about (or do not care much about), try selecting another topic. However, go for it if you can make your essay as interesting and understandable as your favorite subject is to you.
  • When in a crisis of ideas, flip through magazines, dailies, and textbooks for inspiration. Go online and check out what is hot and what is not. Something might hit you in the heart and produce the desire to write on it!
  • Sneak peek: Discuss with friends and classmates to see what everyone else is up to. This can give your ideas as well as prevent wasted time and effort.
  • Organize your topic selection process for best results. Make a list of all the topics you have in mind, plus those you stumble upon in magazines or online. Go through your list to see what really grabs you. Go with the topic you really like.
  • Do not underestimate the power of relevance and currency! Current events and debates make for the most exciting (and best-graded) essays.
  • Be bold (but back it up with research). All topics are fair game. A controversial topic instantly attracts the reader and makes them curious. If you succeed in developing such a topic, do not rely on it solely to do the rest. Your controversial topic and your thesis (position) should be supported by sound argumentation and evidence.

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