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Being a woman in today’s society has a number of road bumps and challenges. Women have rights to do what they please and to be just as, if not more, successful as their male counterparts. But for some reason there is still a high level of ignorance and misunderstanding as to what women should be entitled to. There are issues on the social, political and economic grounds that need more attention now than ever before. Overall, the element of women’s rights continues to be defined by women standing up for themselves and for what they feel is right for all women.

Feminism shares a number of beliefs and ideas related to women’s rights. They look at how a woman can establish her rights depending on the element in question. Whether it is cultural or political beliefs, feminist groups work together to help women understand their place in society. These groups and organizations have helped women understand they have rights and they do not have to be put down, forgotten or ignored just because of who they are. These groups provide a significant meaning behind understanding a woman’s struggle in modern society.

Feminism has shaped and defined a number of important aspects women didn’t have years ago. They work to help women establish equal rights in areas such as employment and education. There are some aspects that work against certain actions women may not want to engage in such as pornography or using them as sex symbols to sell products. For years women have wanted to be treated equal for what they do and what they have contributed in their society. But unfortunately, there are women that have yet to receive that respect or recognition. There are parts of the world that do not see women as a valuable asset to society but more like just a living thing that exists.

There are parts of the world that do not allow women to improve themselves. They are not able to go to school, work for money or change the way they look. Some women have grown accustomed to this type of behavior, so it can be difficult to change their mentality when they learn about other women having more freedom. There are various theories by feminism that few do not understand. Because there are men that have always seen women as nothing more than slave or housewife, women will continue to fight for what they think is right.


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