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5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Utilize a Free Essay Builder

Free essay builders might seem a great way out with a paper you do not want to write, but here are five reasons to avoid them.

  1. The paper might be of poor quality.
  2. You probably have heard about scholarly articles compiled by a Google tool, which no one could tell apart from those written by living authors. However, free essay builders you can access online are unlikely to have the same level of sophistication. By clumsy phrasing or awkward language, your tutor might be able to detect an automatically generated piece – or simply lower your mark because of these issues.

  3. The paper might fail anti-plagiarism check.
  4. Automatic builders use a standard kit of phrases and sentence forms. When developers claim their program produces an original paper every time, they are right – concerning a paper as a whole. However, the more people use this builder for their essay, the greater the risk that your paper will have too many fragments matching the one generated for another user.

  5. The website might steal your essay.
  6. If a website does not charge you, they must be making money in another way. It might be just advertising on the builder’s page, but just as well they might be re-selling their automatically generated papers to online databases. They might even do it before the essay reaches your instructor. If he or she runs an anti-plagiarism check on it and discovers the full text available online, you will be accused of stealing your text from that database, with nothing to say in your defense.

  7. You might get malware to your computer.
  8. Every piece of software you download can contain viruses. With the current level of sophistication reached by their creators, even the best anti-virus might not be able to stop all malware at the gate. Free programs are the most risky in this aspect. A number of free builders that require downloading might have been developed to act as “Trojan horses” for spying programs to get onto your computer.

  9. Using free essay generators is cheating.
  10. Passing the work that is not yours as your own is cheating. The fact that the paper was compiled for you by a program, not a living person, does not change this ethical aspect. You did not write it, but you deliberately lead your teacher to believe the opposite – that’s what makes this practice dishonest. If you do not use essay writing services for ethical reasons, neither should you use free builders.


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