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Green Marketing

Green marketing is a marketing concept that focuses on marketing products and goods that are believed to be preferable on grounds of environment than others. Therefore, green marketing includes a wide range of practices that include the modification of products, changes to the process of production, reliable packaging together with modifications to the process of advertisement.

This is a concept that has been embraced as one of the additional and modern ways of doing marketing. Companies are now getting involved in producing products that are providing solutions to the society without creating other issues especially that affect the environment negatively. Therefore, the concept is believed to be a better one that will make products easily permeate the market.

Importance of green marketing

With the advent of competition in the market, customers are interested not only in the products but also in how it has been manufactured and the manner in which it finally gets into the market. Basically, marketing on general terms is concerned with all the activities performed to direct the flow of goods and services to the customers. Green marketing is an all-inclusive approach that is aimed at providing goods and services in a way that is both satisfying the needs of the customers and friendly to the environment.

Products that are usually produced with a mind of taking care of the environment are likely to be allowed to the market by the relevant authorities and get a good reception from the customers. Therefore, it is increasingly becoming very important for businesses to engage in a process that protects the environment.

How businesses benefit from green marketing

Green marketing is concerned with the selling of services and products based on the benefits to the environment. Such a service or product could be environmentally friendly in its entirety or may be packaged and/or packaged in a way that is friendly to the environment. The most obvious idea would be that green marketing will make potential prospects look at it as a value and base their decision of buying on its “greenness”.

Consumers are very much committed in supporting the consciousness raised concerning the environment. Keeping true to this development can be very profitable for companies and especially for those that want to experience lucrative business. However, the opposite can happen when customers find out that a company has not remained true to its promise in its effort to deliver green products. Therefore, green marketing can be a successful marketing strategy only when done in the right way.


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