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A List of Great Humorous Essay Topics to Write About

Many experts say that the best way to keep your readers interested in a topic is to choose something that is funny and will keep them engrossed. This is easier said than done, as choosing a funny topic can be difficult for students who aren’t used to having this sort of freedom in their assignments. So here is a list of ten great humorous essay topics to get you started in thinking about your own:

  1. How to pretend you are paying attention and working in class. Consider how easy it is to look up and nod your head every time the teacher says something that looks vaguely interesting. Master the art of scribbling nonsense in your notebook and no one will be the wiser.
  2. How to stay awake in a class when you’re absolutely burnt out. We’ve all been there. It can be hard to stay awake during class when you’ve stayed up late the night before. But with enough coffee and a little supplemental entertainment you should be able to muscle through.
  3. How to tank a class and fail without even trying. It’s a lot harder to fail a class than you might think. As soon as your grade begins to drop instructors will intervene. So think of some sure fire ways to avoid them (and work) for an entire semester.
  4. How to pass the time when you’re bored in class. This is made a lot easier with cell phones and tablets. You should be able to get just about anything else done but your schoolwork with any one of these tools.
  5. How to get a solid A+ in class without much effort. We’ll you could cheat. Or you could cheat. Pretty much everything involves some form of cheating. Think creatively and try not to get caught.
  6. How to master the art of forging an excuse letter from your parents. First off, your parents probably don’t speak in the grandiose language you associated with grownups when you were younger. They are often in a rush and hate writing excuse letters, so keep your forgery short and to the point.
  7. How to get unstuck and escape boring conversations. Do you pretend you are in a rush to get somewhere? Do you pretend you are receiving a call? There are dozens of ways to get out of a boring conversation – including pretending you’re having a medical emergency.
  8. How to purchase presents that everybody desires. One really good trick is to start convincing others of why a certain gift is wonderful well ahead of time. Many people will start to believe you and viola!

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