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The essay discusses about literacy and illiteracy. People have come a long way from not knowing how to write and read to fully understanding the two. The author shows discussion his assumption how people did not willingly learn to read or write. However, the people where forced in some way. The essay further discusses if people can do away without the written word. The author comes up with an idea on how illiterate human beings were able to write. It is in this statement that the author uses logos to help the reason with him. The author defends illiteracy by giving reasons that the early illiterate people where able to discover many things without knowing how to read or write. This giving of reason by the author is use of logos in his argument.

Judging from the current state of affairs in the world, it is highly unlikely that human beings can be able to do away without the written word. The author tries to make an argument for managing without the written word citing how the older generations where able to write when they were illiterate. However, currently every person should be literate and know how to write or read. The author uses ethos in convincing the readers by coming up with factual information concerning illiteracy. The author discusses that UNESCO fought against illiteracy officially in the year 1951. In addition, the author comes up with the date that the word illiteracy appeared. By using these factual statements and dates, the author manages to capture the audience through ethos.

About enlightenment, it is necessary for every individual to be enlightened. The case about people being forced to learn is in despicable. Without the education we have it is highly unlikely that the human population would have achieved this much. The author talks about the erosion of culture and diminishing interest by the politicians and social elite in the society. By using culture, the author tries to establish a connection with the readers through emotions. It is true that for some time now culture has been fading. The author uses this to get the reader’s attention and inculcate a feeling of self-worthiness through pathos. People identify themselves with a certain culture and by using this he appeals to them to feel with him.


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