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How to Find a Well-Written Essay Introduction Example

Knowing the difference between a good and a bad introduction example

In order to be able to find a well-written essay introduction example, it is important to be aware what makes the piece good or bad. For the most part, an introduction will outline the aims of the essay in some way. For smaller papers, this may mean posing a question or introducing a hypothesis – as well as a bit of extra detail. However, for larger papers, such as dissertations, the introduction may be slightly more in depth.

Bad introductions may include arguments or other text which belongs in other sections of the paper. Equally, if an introduction does not give the reader an idea of what to expect from the essay then it probably hasn’t been written very well.

Asking for help in forums and other sites

Forums and questions and answer sites can sometimes prove to be quite useful when it comes to finding out more information about a subject. Generally, the users that contribute to such sites are volunteers. If asked nicely, it is possible that some people are willing to help with smaller questions, such as giving specific advice and help for a specific introduction; however, it could be a risk to count too heavily on the advice, especially if it is provided by somebody who doesn’t necessarily know the course well enough.

Websites that offer free samples

Some websites are available that will offer free, pre-written examples of work. Quite often, these examples will be full essays; however, it is obviously possible to simply identify the introduction and see whether or not it is relevant.

The main drawbacks of using these sites is the possibility of being found out for plagiarism, as well as being unable to guarantee the high quality of the work. Therefore, although it may appear to be a cheap and easy way of doing things, it may turn out to be more troublesome that it is worth.

Professional writing services

An alternative to free websites is the possibility of using paid professionals. There are plenty of writing services offering a multitude of different options. If needed, most writing companies would be happy to write the introduction, as well as the rest of the work – if needed.

Furthermore, if you have already written an introduction then many of these sites will also offer editing and proofreading services, so that you can check that it is well-written.


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