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Chevron vs Ecuador

In a corruption case that is making the news and has received a lot of press last year, a group of Ecuadorian villagers hired an American attorney to file a multi-billion dollar pollution case against the Chevron Corporation that works and was set up in Ecuador. The attorney that they utilized was seeking over 18 billion dollars against the oil company back in 2011.


There is a lot of buzz about this case because people in the town had said that when the company set up their fields in that particular region from the sixties when they started to the early nineties, that they used fraudulent means and set up fields that were inappropriately done and hadn’t been cleaned, and that the company had used inappropriate ways in which they did their business, back when it was them still consider Texaco.


At the time, Texaco actually cleaned up the areas that they utilized and were working in, even though this particular attorney was trying to say that they had not. The lawyer for this case has since been charged with fraud and racketeering charges because he has made false statements and assumptions in saying that the area was not cleaned up when the end when actually it had been.

As the company has since moved from that area, the people were still trying to enforce the laws to their own benefit by making the false allegation, and it ended up working out to their detriment. Regarding the concerns over any further clean up, and costs that need to be done for this particular site, the investigation is still ongoing, and arbitration is still being disputed over this area.


Cases like this tend to come to light, when a company sets up shop in an area to tap into their natural resources. As the company moves in and sets up shops, employing locals and tapping into natural resources and materials, they obviously grow and make a lot of money. Sometimes the local townspeople can resent this and try to take action against them after the fact, when they realize they were only there for the natural resources and end up leaving, taking jobs and money with them. A similar case to this, has been in the news of late, in Hawaii, in different regions, where locals are trying to sue different tourist companies and hotels for setting up hotels and different businesses in what they consider to be their land and exploiting them.


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