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Crafting An Expository Essay – A Detailed Walkthrough

Of all the writing assignments you can encounter in middle school or high school, the most fun might very well be crafting the expository essay. It’s a way to present information to the reader without having to put forth an argument or personal opinions. The assignment allows you to take a step back away from the topic and describe the subject and topic exactly as it is, encouraging the reader to come up with his or her own opinion. Essentially, you’re asked to state the just the facts. Here’s a detailed walkthrough on how to accomplish just this requirement:

Start with some background research on your topic

The first step in composing a great assignment is simply doing a little background research. Remember that you are trying to explain something without providing an ounce of your personal opinion. Simply look for the facts and stay away from opinionated resources that aren’t credible academic resources.

Decide on a single method to present your essay

The next step is deciding on what kind of approach you will make in presenting your topic. For instance, you may simply define your subject, compare and contrast, or even put in a little cause and effect if it still means that you stay on this side of offering a personal argument. Stick with one method to keep your paper simple and easy to understand.

Create a detailed outline with discussion points

Now it’s time to create an outline. The more information you put into your outline the easier it will be to write your first draft. Write out each discussion point and provide one or two supporting phrases. You can keep your outline on thin side but remember that you will be referencing it often, so why not put in all the information you are likely to use in your paper.

Write your first draft and critique your logic

Now you’re ready to write your first draft. Try to do this step as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Never turn in your first draft. You should set it aside for at least a few hours and come back to it with what is often called a “fresh set of eyes.” This allows you to critique the logic of your paper with an unbiased perspective and helps you identify the ways in which you can improve on your presentation by removing, rearranging or adding content.


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