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Academic Writing Strategies: How To Compose A Great Essay In Two Hours

Do you need to write an essay for your school or college on a short notice? Are you worried because you do not know how to complete an entire essay in merely two hours? Do you find yourself lost when you need to complete essays during examinations and admission tests? Did you try to practice your essay writing skills? Do you know how will you succeed with your essay if you only have two hours? Do you fail to complete your essay on a good note because you do not plan it in the beginning? Do you think that the planning and outline will waste your time? Do you find it hard to compose a winning introduction for your essay? Do you think that the topic selection takes up much of your time? Do you want to write a good essay and grade well in your assignment? Are you worried because you do not want to leave your essay unfinished? Do you know the importance of editing and proof reading for you essay assignments?

Now that you have two hours to write your essay, you are on a tough schedule. Such situations will arise at various points in your academic career when you have to write an essay in the examination hall or admission test. What you can do is make a plan for each time before you enter your test. Here are a few suggestions to help you complete a good essay in no time

Practice your writing skills at home or at school. Whenever you have spare time, you can sit and write an essay about anything you like. You can keep a stopwatch to calculate the time you take in research, planning, and writing. Also, remember to have last 20-minute margin for editing and proofreading your paper.

Find expert written essays on the internet or in the libraries. You can get a hard copy or even a soft copy for yourself. Try to rephrase this essay in your own words. This will help you get familiar with the length of each paragraph and the style and tone you need to use

Read the essay prompt carefully and quickly brainstorm for topic ideas. You can then pick the one you like the best and develop your major arguments. Remember that you will need supporting evidence for each of the main argument in your essay


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