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The Happiest and Saddest Day

At the age of ten, my parents gave an adorable birthday gift, Rex. Indeed, Rex was lovely and small and his eyes sparkled like diamond. His white fur was as smooth as velvet and everyone in the family loved him because he was full of life. One day after school, I came home to find a box placed on my bed. I was eager to open the box to see its content. To my surprise, a small animal that resembled a rat jumped out. At some point, I was scared that the animal might be unfriendly; however, amidst my fear, the animal came closer, hold my pants as it stared at me with its crystal-like eyes. Ultimately, it was at my first acquaintance that I developed some love for him, and all the other kids in the neighborhood loved him. Henceforth, I used all my pocket money to buy him the best food, and I spent most of my time playing with him. This gift was the best for me at the time, and I adored it every passing second.

Opposed to my humble expectations that I will be friends with Rex for long, one day, after keeping Rex indoors for a year, I decided to take him out for a walk. Sadly, while enjoying the fresh air in the park, a wildcat, whose eyes were fireflies attacked him. He screamed and ran away from the attack; however, the cat caught up with him. Although I am the fastest thing on two feet, Rex was already dead when I came to his rescue, and I was was lost in a sea of nameless faces. The passing on of Rex was indeed the saddest day in my life then, and I mourned him for two days, and I even remember him up to this date.

Indeed, Rex was not just a mere animal; he could understand my moods. For instance, during my sad moments, he could lie beside me and stare at me with his dazzling eyes. Moreover, when I was happy, he could be extremely active and jump around suggesting that I play with him. Rex was indeed my precious pet, and I will never forget him come rain, come sunshine. My experience with Rex encouraged me to love and appreciate animals; and his untimely demise taught me to cherish every moment I spent with my loved ones.


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