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How To Perfect Your Narrative Essay Writing Skills

Looking to tone up a little on your essay writing skills? Getting good at narrative essays isn’t too difficult really, but it sure helps to know exactly what’s expected in this type of paper. A narrative paper is a commonly given assignment, and helps the teacher get to know you better when the topic is supposed to be something out of your life experience.

Usually you will be required to write about a personal experience. The prompt may look something like this: what experience has made you more patient? Then you would draw on things you’ve learned in your life. In order to get better at this process, you can use some of the following tips.

Getting better at writing narrative pieces
  • Make sure you involve your readers in the story. Try to re-create the event so that they feel like they are living it with you. Try to help them feel, hear, see, think, and breathe as if they were there, right in your story because you’ve brought it to life.

  • Relate your events in sequence. This helps the reader make sense of what’s happening. Try to show, through words, instead of tell so they get the full impact. Set the event in the time, space and surroundings it occurred in.

  • Include details of other people, events, and places that are surrounding your story and are part of it. What did you touch, smell, hear and feel in those surroundings and what was going on with the other people related to your story?

  • How did you grow or change from this experience? Was there conflict going on between some of the people? Can you compare or contrast two different things that are part of your story? What tension is present and why? What if anything was done about it?

  • Focus on connecting the dots for your reader. How does this story in the past fit in with people or places in the present? How relevant is the story in today’s context? Will it continue to be relevant in the future? Why or why not?

  • Tell your story from your perspective, in the first person.

  • Make sure your essay makes a point, and communicates the main ideas in an effective manner. You want to leave a memorable impression as well as make your point. Make the importance of your story clear to your audience.

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