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10 Interesting Narrative Essay Topics For College

How does a narrative essay work?

A narrative essay essentially looks at something that is personal to you and is written in a subjective manner. Essentially, you are describing your inner feelings about a certain subject. It may be something you’d like to do, or something that has happened to you in the past.

You will generally start off by introducing the subject in the opening paragraph. As part of the introduction, you essentially give a reader an idea of what is to come in the essay. It may be that you are talking about something you would like to do; in which case, you give a brief background of what this activity is, and in subsequent paragraphs you describe why you like to do it.

Think about topics that you would find interesting to write about

A good way to approach the essay is to think about things that you enjoy doing, and things that are of interest to you. For example, you may wish to talk about one of your hobbies and why you like to do it. Alternatively, you may wish to talk about something you enjoy reading about or watching, and why you would like to partake in that activity. You can even talk about something that you used to do, but no longer do.

Some topic ideas that may help to inspire you

  1. The country I would most like to live in
  2. My favourite national cuisine
  3. A city I would like to spend a year of my life
  4. My favourite memory
  5. My least favourite memory
  6. Five skills I wish I had
  7. The language I would most like to learn
  8. The greatest device that was ever invented
  9. The most interesting thing I have ever done
  10. How my perfect day would play out

Getting help to think of ideas by using pre-written papers

To help get further ideas, it can be a good idea to look prewritten work that can be easily found online. You can either use free samples or pay writing agencies for prewritten papers.

Sourcing paid writers to do the work for you

As well as using prewritten papers from writing agencies, many of these companies offer a wide range of other services, including the possibility of having bespoke papers written for you. As a result, this makes it incredibly easy when trying to choose a topic to write about, as all of the work can be done for you.


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