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Writing An Opinion Essay From Scratch: A Few Useful Phrases

An essay in which you are required to explain your viewpoints on a certain matter or subject is called an opinion essay. In this essay, you are required to give your opinion, but also the opposing one and support everything with facts and examples.

The opinion essay consists of several paragraphs and there are certain phrases you should use for better exposition of your opinion. Most of the times, you have to write five paragraphs, but if you feel competent you can write more. The point of this essay is to prove your thesis. You need to clearly state all the facts, so that readers don’t guess what you wanted to say. State the thesis in the introductory paragraph.

The Body of the Essay

The body of the essay is for developing the arguments. Each paragraph should contain only one idea that supports your point. Cause and effect reasoning, illustrations and examples are demanded when explaining your viewpoint. You can also use contrast, comparison and other methods.

Before starting to write, you need to make sure that your viewpoints have facts and evidence that support them. Do a good research and find enough evidence. Note that each paragraph shouldn’t contain more than five and less than three sentences. All of them should support only one idea. Begin the paragraph with a topic sentence.


  1. Introduction
  2. State the main idea and the point of writing the essay. Give three reasons that support the thesis statement.

  3. Paragraphs 2, 3, 4 etc
  4. These paragraphs make the body of the essay. The first paragraph is for stating the reason why you are writing and now you need to explain each reason in detail. One per paragraph. If necessary, you can quote, give examples etc.

  5. Conclusion
  6. Make a summation of all the arguments and repeat the thesis. Remind the readers why you are right.

You can use the following phrases:

  • In addition: as well as, on top of this, besides this, furthermore, foremost, firstly, finally, likewise, also.

  • Giving examples: in particular, for example, particularly, for instance, to illustrate, specifically, such as, this is shown by.

  • State the effect, reason and cause with: because, due to, since, as a result of this, through this, by this, as.

  • Show effects of results of something: consequently, so, therefore, hence, thus.

  • Express an opinion: this makes us feel that, this suggests, create the effect of, this makes it clear that.

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