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Effective Suggestions For Writing An Essay Outline On School Uniforms

An effective essay outline will assist in organizing your work. It also gives you an idea of how the paper will appear upon completion. It is from the outline that you identify the main ideas to be used in your arguments and the sequence in which they will appear. This makes the process of creating an outline crucial in your writing endeavor. Here are points to consider when creating the outline for a paper on school uniform.

Identify Your Area of Focus

There are numerous things you can say about school uniforms. They range from color to whether they should be discarded or retained. You may also focus on their design or the choice of uniform. Considering the many options available when discussing uniforms, choose one idea that you are passionate about or you think will assist you in coming up with a captivating paper.

List the Ideas or Points you wish to Focus on

A topic is broad and should always be broken down into subtopics during writing. These subtopics are formed by ideas that buildup to the larger topic of uniforms. When discussing a school uniforms, you may consider such points as:-

  • What the law says about uniforms

  • Who chooses the uniforms for the students

  • Social changes in support of their abolition

  • Why it is necessary to keep them

  • Etc

These are pillar-ideas that will help you build a logical argument in support of school uniforms as a topic.

Find Proof for the Main Points Listed

Every point listed as a main idea should be supported by facts. These are the details unearthed as you research on school uniforms. It is these facts and details that assist you in constructing a compelling essay on school uniforms. They form the details of each paragraph in the body of your paper. Consider unique details to avoid being mundane.

Develop a Compelling Conclusion

The conclusion should support your thesis statement. It binds all the arguments into a single statement by providing a summary of the discussion. The conclusion highlights what you have been trying to prove in your entire paper. It should also correspond with the thesis statement without being repetitive or introducing new concepts.

There are good samples of essay outlines available from such sources as the library, from your teacher, online or from colleagues, friends and seniors in your school. A good outline will assist you in coming up with the best paper. Consult your tutor in case you get stuck.


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