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5 Elements Of A Great Essay About Technology Now And Before

Given the task of writing a paper about technology today and technology before, this is a paper that will require you to do some research. Of course most of us are aware of some of the tech that we are currently using, and then there are tech that were in use back in the day. At times you do not even have to go back a long time for you to see this.

Some of the tech that you can discuss from before can date back to as recently as 10 years ago. That might sound like yesterday, but when you consider the milestones that have been achieved so far, it will be worth it. If perhaps you choose to look at things like smartphones, tech from before can even be something as recent as last year, considering how fast the industry is advancing.

The following are 5 important elements that you need to include in this paper when you are doing your work:

  • Deep research

  • Discuss advantages

  • Discuss the challenges

  • Discuss the prices

  • Compare and contrast

Deep research

Make sure that your paper features some really good research into the work that you are doing, and things will be much easier for you. Anything short of some good research will only leave your work begging questions instead of answers.

Discuss advantages

There are a lot of advantages that you can look into, for the tech devices of today and the ones from before. This should make it very easy for someone to appreciate the advancement through your work.

Discuss the challenges

Challenges are at times the reason for advancement in technology. Look at some of the challenges that were faced back in the day and the challenges that we face today, and then discuss how technology comes into play. Discuss how it has improved life, or perhaps made things worse than they were.

Discuss the prices

Of course you have to mention the prices of some of these devices that you are looking into. There was a time for example, when a 5MB hard drive would cost something like $2,000. You can imagine what you can get with that amount of money today.

Compare and contrast

Most importantly, this is a paper that requires you to compare and contrast these two timelines. Highlight the features and pit them against one another.


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