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How To Ace Your Essay On Pros And Cons Of Homework

The topic of a pros and cons essay usually presents a controversial issue. The debates about the usefulness of homework can make a good subject for your writing. If you were assigned to write on this topic, consider the following hints that will help you create an excellent essay.

  • Research your topic.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of homework are highly debatable nowadays. Read different sources to know the arguments of advocates and opponents. As this issue involves at least three groups of people (students, teachers, parents), find out what each of them thinks about the use of home assignments. Look for statistics and any research conducted into this problem to gather relevant data that you can include in your paper.

  • Be objective.
  • In this type of essay, you don’t have to take a particular side and persuade others that your position is absolutely right. Treat both sides equally. Let your readers know about the different views on homework that exist in our society.

  • Write a thesis.
  • As your main points are pretty obvious, your thesis statement should reflect those two perspectives but in a concise and neutral way.

  • Describe the pros and cons.
  • You body paragraphs should scrutinize the positive and negative aspects of the issue. There are different ways of organizing arguments. You can dwell upon the pros in the first body paragraph and then dedicate the second to the cons. Also, there can be a third paragraph where you evaluate the previously offered arguments but it’s usually omitted. Another strategy may be to give an example of a positive side and immediately offer an opposing view. Make sure that every assertion you make is supported by relevant facts and details. Don’t try to convince your readers or impose your views on them. You should structure your essay and present the information in such a way that they formulate their own opinion before reading your final summary.

  • Write clearly.
  • Make sure you provide a smooth transition between the paragraphs or contrary ideas. Use linking words and phrases when you list advantages and disadvantages, introduce examples, show contrast, or introduce a conclusion.

  • Summarize and make your conclusion.
  • The conclusion is the place where you can finally reveal your point of view. However, you should stay unbiased and impartial and avoid “I” phrases (I believe, I think). Take a more impersonal approach and open your concluding paragraph with phrases such as “Taking everything into account” or “All things considered”. Demonstrate how the information from the body paragraphs influenced your opinion.


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