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Where To Find A Well-Written Sample Essay About Describing Yourself

Many students of all grades have already realized the usefulness of essay samples for their own writing assignments. If you need writing help but don’t want to turn to custom writers or offline assistants like your teacher, you should also consider searching for an essay example.

Where to Search

  • If you have made up your mind that you don’t want to turn to your teacher, you should think of another offline source of essays, a library. Libraries normally have a big stock of academic papers of different types, so you will be able to find something suitable among them. The main advantage of the samples from the library is their correctness. They are properly formatted and free from mistakes and plagiarism.

  • If you are thinking about online sources, check out databases. The access to these databases can be free and paid. Namely, paid database normally offer only a part of available functions while the rest becomes open after registration and payment. It’s up to you to choose what you prefer and which options you can afford. Depending on each separate database, the quality of the samples that you can find there differs.

  • Another source of reliable samples can be found both offline and online. This source is called an academic writing manual, and its goal is to explain how to organize and format a project of this type properly. However, the samples that you can find in such a manual are rather schematic, so, you will need to search for something more substantial in case you need the whole text.

  • Finally, you can find reliable samples at websites of custom writers. Quite often, examples of their work are displayed in a special gallery chapter, so you can get them for free and without getting in touch with their authors. Yet, due to the fact that they are available to many users of the Internet, you need to customize these samples thoroughly if you want to have a unique and worthy paper.

How to Work with the Samples

As soon as the essay is about yourself, you need to be very careful and never copy down any part of the samples that you can find. Even if the topic matches your one and you like the sample very much, you need to write about yourself and only the things that are true. If you write about the traits of character or skills or facial features that you have never had, your teacher will at once notice the cheating and plagiarism. It’s quite a bad charge that can have negative consequences.


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