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A vaccine offers active acquired immunity to diseases. It is composed of an agent that resembles the disease’s microorganisms. Once injected in the body, the body immune system reacts by destroying it and further keeps a record of it so that it can be destroyed in the future. Infants have to go through a number of vaccinations for proper immunity against diseases such as small pox, tuberculosis, whooping cough, and measles among others. Adults can also be taken through the programs in order to boost their immunity. Though most of the vaccines are effective, there are some cases when they have failed. Hence, more research should be conducted in order to ensure that vaccines are completely effective.

When the Vaccines Are Not Effective

There are instances when an individual’s body fails to respond to the vaccination. This may be because of the genetic reasons or because of the individuals suffer from diseases such as HIV and diabetes. Normally, such individuals will further suffer from a number of diseases, affecting the quality of life. Also, there are some situations where immunity develops too slowly to the extent that the vaccines’ effectiveness is minimal. More so, there are some health practitioners, who do not know how to administer vaccines well, which compromise on its effectiveness. There is also a lack of education by the majority on how and why to observe the vaccine schedule. Research needs to be done in order to ensure that everyone who goes through vaccination is protected from diseases. Particularly, focus should be given to the most affected groups such as the aged, the sick, and the illiterate.

Offering Solutions to Life-Threatening Diseases

In addition, there are many diseases that have increased the mortality rates amongst the productive people in the society. Cancer, for instance, has killed more people than many other diseases. The costs of curing it are also very high. HIV and AIDS have remained incurable for decades. Thus, more research should be done in order to come up with vaccines for the diseases. Further still, there is need to focus on how to avoid some of the adverse side effects of vaccines. Some people complain of fever and muscle aches after the administration. Other people have unfounded beliefs that vaccines are dangerous to people’s health. Finally, it is important to focus on how to protect the rights of the researchers through patents so that more people can be encouraged to venture into the field. Indeed, a lot of research needs to be done in the area of vaccines so that the health of the majority can be improved.


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