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Useful Instructions on How to Create a Strong Persuasive Essay

Many people compare writing a persuasive essay to being a lawyer who needs to craft a great argument to win a case. As a writer it’s your job to take a stand on an issue – either for or against – and build a case to win over your audience or reader. Here are some useful instructions on how to create a strong paper:

Pre-Writing the Persuasive Paper

The pre-writing stage is one of the most important stages in any type of writing. Prewriting helps you brainstorm your ideas and organize them in an outline. It’s good to get all of your thoughts down in phrases or sentences and to choose just the best ones. Your outline could be as detailed or as simple as you want, but it should be able to keep you on track when you write your first draft.

Drafting Your Paper

When you first start writing your essay consider the following: use a strong hook in your opening paragraph to grab your reader’s attention, your thesis statement should also have no ambiguity about what your position is, each of your body paragraphs will have a separate topic followed by supporting evidence, and your conclusion should summarize your most important points and leave your reader with the urge to support your main argument.

Revising Your Assignment

In this step, you want to review, modify, and reorganize your work with the single goal of making it the best piece of writing you can produce. There are many things to consider when revising your paper. For instance, ask yourself if the essay presents a clear and firm position and is it backed-up with concrete facts, examples or quotes. Check that each paragraph has strong evidence focused on a single topic of choice. Make sure your conclusion conveys your summary and urges your reader to agree with your argument.

Proofreading and Editing Your Persuasive Essay

Two of the last steps you will want to take is proofreading and editing your paper. There are three levels of proofreading – paper level, paragraph level and sentence level. Check for mistakes in grammar, punctuation and spelling. When you edit look for ways to improve on writing style and clarity. Don’t use long or confusing words in order to sound academic. Use plain and simple English to get your thoughts across accurately. Your reader will appreciate your writing more and you are less likely to come off sounding foolish.


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