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34 Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Students

Good salesmen are drawn naturally to persuasive essay writing. It gives them a chance to sell an idea to the reader. As with most things in life, any degree of mastery in this area must come from consistent practice. Here is a list of some excellent persuasive essay topics you can write on to gain some skills:

  1. Should the concept of money be abolished
  2. Is vigilante justice a necessary evil in violent societies?
  3. Can love conquer all?
  4. Should creationism be taught alongside evolution?
  5. Should children be allowed smart phones?
  6. Is it an infringement on human rights to mandate healthy meals for children?
  7. Should all substances be made legal?
  8. Should the funds currently allocated to defence be diverted to space research?
  9. Does recycling benefit the environment?
  10. Should animal rights activists be legally obligated to help a percentage of humans?
  11. Should more students be encouraged to enter creative fields or STEM fields?
  12. Should suicide be legal?
  13. Should people be discouraged from altering their skin colours chemically?
  14. Should residents of Earth make a concerted effort to contact alien civilisations?
  15. Should separate leagues exist for athletes on performances enhancing drugs?
  16. Does the planet have good reason to rid itself of human kind?
  17. Do dogs make better pets than cats?
  18. Should horse meat be sold alongside beef in regular meat markets?
  19. Should laws be written in easy to understand language?
  20. Is music education necessary?
  21. Should there be financial incentives to prevent people from becoming or remaining obese?
  22. Does exposure to the entertainment industry do irreparable harm to young children?
  23. Should the production of environmentally unfriendly products be made illegal?
  24. Should homemade weapons be more carefuol7y screened for?
  25. Should dating be illegal for children under the age of consent?
  26. Do violent games impact teenagers negatively?
  27. Should there be a legal drinking age?
  28. Should the use of derogatory term towards differently abled people and homosexuals be punishable by jail time or fines?
  29. Should the use of private vehicles be banned and replaced with widespread public transport systems?
  30. Are some religions more accepting than others?
  31. Would the use of alternative housing methods lead to more efficient land usage?
  32. Should governments provide free day-care to all their citizens who are too young for school?
  33. Is it sexist for maternity leave to be shorter than paternity leave?
  34. Do souls with unresolved issues remain in this realm of existence?

Peruse the listing and see which topics meet your needs. Try as many as you can and you’ll notice improvements in your writing.


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