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Persuasive Essay Writing Tutorial for College Students: How to Impress Your Reader

If you are trying to persuade a person into doing or even believing something you are proposing, it must be a good and have a solid base. Not everyone is easily persuaded and as such, your argument must be convincing and well researched and presented to the reader. A reader, who is on a quest to be persuaded by a written and/or presented document, must be “hooked” from at least the introductory paragraph because this is where the main ideas are listed or documented. As the name suggest, a persuasive essay must convince the reader to a point of mostly coming to the conclusion of agreeing with the writer.

When writing a persuasive essay, the writer must take a few things into consideration:

  • Choosing an appropriate topic
  • Understanding the audience you are writing for
  • Research and build main points

Choosing an appropriate topic

By this, it means that the writer should select a topic to which they know they can handle. If they test try topics and to a certain level, realizes that strong points are not as convincing as expected, there will be problems. Not able to thoroughly analyze and break down main points into agreeable forms, the persuasiveness of the document will have a low average because readers would be easily able to build a stronger counter argument.

Understanding the audience you are writing for

Not knowing the exact audience you are written towards will be a major issue especially if to the points a writer brings across is in contradiction to every reader. Take for instance, an article directed to disrespecting Muslims will not come across well to a Muslim audience and as such will only bring backlash to the writer.

Research and build main points

Trying to convince a determined audience with a weak point is not a good stance for a writer. Choosing a topic and doing extensive research to build a strong base for key points is the best approach to making a persuasive essay or article well convincing.

Producing a draft document of the selective subject and having a selected audience give their feedback is also a good way in producing a well written persuasive document. With the results received from the feedback, a writer can then go forward in re-writing or producing an original document with key factors that will help to boost their strong points. A writer also in producing a well written persuasive document must spend greater effort on fleshing out key points and factors than having a conclusion to their work. Maximizing on key factors will lead to a easy and summarized version of the document.


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