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Where to Find the Best Examples of Photo Essays Available for Free

A photo analysis essay can be one of the trickiest essays you need to write throughout your educational career. How do you use words to describe an entirely different medium? How do you talk about light, shadow, color, juxtaposition, and composition? How can you show that you not only know the technical details, but the historical and cultural context, as well? A photo analysis essay can really test your abilities as a student and as a write. But, as with anything, sometimes all you really need to excel is to have someone show you how to do it! Having an example photo analysis essay can give you great insight into the structure and format of a photo analysis paper, as well as giving you clues as to how to write intelligently about your interpretation of the photo. You could spend a lot of money buying custom photo analysis essays, but why would you do that when you can find plenty of great example essays available entirely for free? Here are the best places to find free photo essays that can help set you up for success!

  • The library. Believe it or not, that building you drive past on your way to the store actually has a very practical purpose. Libraries are full of great resources, both in print and online. Use the reference system to find a book on essay writing, or even a book specifically about photo analysis essays. Or, ask your librarian to help you find the perfect book for you and your grade or writing level. If your library doesn’t have a book that includes a photo essay, they might have an online reference system with scholarly articles and resources that can help you out, too.
  • Use your school’s resources. If you are in college or university, your school almost definitely has a database of articles and essays that is free for you to use for research. Simply type “photo analysis essay” into the search bar and you’re bound to be overwhelmed by the results! Since this service is fairly exclusive and well-monitored, you can trust that anything you get from the school’s database will be reputable. If you have trouble finding something that meets your needs, ask your school’s reference librarian to help you narrow down your search or use the right keywords. He or she may even be able to find a photo analysis essay that’s about the photo you’ll write your essay on!

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