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A Comprehensive Tutorial For Writing A Process Essay About Abortion

What is a process essay? If you have never before encountered this type of assignment, you may wonder what the peculiarity is. In fact, a process paper is a project that tells people how to do something or how something is done by somebody else. If you need to compose such a paper about abortion, you need to determine several things first:

  • What’s your own attitude towards abortion?

  • What’s the audience the project is written for?

  • What’s the message of your paper?

  • What do you want to prove, that abortion is a horrible thing or that it’s a necessary means?

Now, in accordance to the demands that exist for any process essay, you need to observe the following questions. They are able to build up a good comprehensive structure of the paper. Have the list of these questions in front of you, still, make sure that the narration is smooth, not like simply giving answers to certain questions.

  • What’s the process that you are describing? Why does it need to be described and explained?

  • Who are involved and affected by the process?

  • What are available methods of executing the same process? Do they also need explanation and description?

  • What needs to be explained to your particular audience? Which knowledge do they need to have to understand the process?

  • Who can do the explained process? What kind of equipment is required and which skills are essential?

  • How long does it last? Can there be different outcomes of the process?

  • Does the process pass in several stages?

  • What’s the meaning and importance of each of these stages?

  • Can there emerge any specific difficulties in the process? What should be done to avoid or overcome them?

  • Are there any precautions that should be taken?

  • With the help of which similar processes can you describe the process you are speaking about?

  • Which extra definitions and nuances need to be clarified for the sake of better understanding of the process?

When speaking about such things as abortion, you need to mention the danger that awaits the ones who know nothing about the necessary precautions or decide to resort to homemade means. It’s a very important warning, especially if the topic is explored within a more general discussion dedicated to teenage pregnancy. Starting to write the process essay, make sure that you have your own point of view, even if your goal is to show the process from the most neutral point of view. Having your own opinion will help you avoid biasing.


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