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Good Phrases To Use In A Reflective Essay On Teaching Experience

When you are crafting a reflective essay on your teaching experience it is important that you use appropriate phrases and terminology to best expound upon your personal situation and share that with your readers.

The reflective essay is an opportunity for you to think more about yourself, who you are, and how you have changed. It is an opportunity for you to examine your personal experiences with teaching and to write about the experiences. But in addition to this you want to explore how you have changed because of teaching, how you have developed, or have you have grown. The most appropriate phrases and terminology for such a piece are those which truly indicate the methods by which you have changed. Nobody knows exactly how teaching has changed you except for you. You are the only connection to truly understanding as an audience member what influences have altered you for the best and how. It is because of this that you are truly the only person who can assess which language is most appropriate for the situation. When you take time to reflect upon your teaching opportunities and what you have gained from them or how you have changed as a person you need to write down words that you believe truly describe the changes which have taken place. If your changes have been for the best, and you are a significantly more patient person now because of that then words related to the level of patient you now have are the most appropriate. But if your teaching opportunity has instead made you a much more compassionate or emotionally intelligent person, than words related to this are necessary. Again, since you are the only person who has any understanding of what measure and degree of change has taken place because of the teaching experience you are, by definition the only person who can tell which words are most appropriate to use in the body of your text.

The format of your particular finished product is dependent upon the audience for him it is intended. If you are writing it for a magazine the structure will differ from the piece you are writing for an academic audience. But no matter the audience the same elements are necessary including the introduction, body, and conclusion.

Within this you want to use the introduction is an opportunity to introduce who you are is the speaker and identify the focus of your final paper. It is also hear that you state your thesis.

In the body paragraphs you want to introduce your topic sentences which reflect upon what changes have happened inside of you or what you have learned from teaching. Want to include supporting details and concluding sentences for each of the body paragraphs you have. And of course the conclusion restate your thesis and summarizes the arguments that you have presented.


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