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What Kind Of Research Is Necessary For A Profile Essay: Great Advice

A profile essay is the type of paper that requires the students to create a detailed and comprehensive paper about a certain personality. This is more of a biography that you create by interviewing the person or gathering information about him from valid sources. If you are to write a profile assignment on any person, the best advice is to make sure you understand the purpose and structure of this type of paper. You need to pick a category that you want to talk about first and then narrow down the person. Alternatively, you can straight away choose a person to write about if you have it in mind already. If you choose to talk about entertainment or sports for example, you will sub divide the category to series, drama, movies or hockey, football cricket etc. From there you can add more search filters like gender, nationality, ethnicity, era, world records etc. This will help you narrow down your options and create a winning paper

All academic papers need research if you want to create a strong paper (this is an honest advice). You will have to find evidence and gather unique information to support your stance or give valuable information to your readers. You may be able to live with a little knowledge that you have if you are to create an average paper. A profile essay needs both primary and secondary research if you want to succeed

You need to carry out the secondary research first so that you can gather the background information and important history about this person. You will use this information to prepare a list of questions for the interview that you will have with the person you are going to write about. The first step will involve collecting second hand information and developing a basic familiarity with the person

The second step, after you have read the history of this person thoroughly, and created the questions for the interview, is to set up a meeting for the interview. You will have to be well prepared and create questions and counter questions to get an insight about the person. This is where you will be collecting first hand data about the person to create your profile essay. This will be original and unique because you are carrying it out on your own

Honest advice: Both type of information is important for your paper


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