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Vital Things to Remember Writing a Rough Draft for Your Essay

It’s important to remember that a rough draft is something like putting on a first coat of paint. It won’t be perfect the first time around, but you must get that layer on before you can perfect your project with additional coats. It’s your first attempt at getting down your ideas into some recognizable form. It won’t be completely organized but at least you’ll be able to work easier from these messy sentences than you would if you were to get right to a final draft straight from your thoughts. Here are some vital things to remember when writing that rough version of your essay:

Start by Warming Up

It’s a good idea to establish some sort of routine before you get started in order to get your mind ready for writing. The brain works more efficiently when it receives several signals that prepare it for what is coming next. Perhaps you meditate or you take a walk, whatever the case a pre-writing routine will serve you well as you move forward through the school year.

It’s Okay to Write Badly

No one will be perfect when they sit down two write a first draft. Don’t pressure yourself for perfectionism at the risk of not getting started at all. Even if your rough paper sounds as though it was written by a third grader, the important thing is that you get your ideas down. Don’t stop to make corrections.

Start Wherever You Find Easiest

The only rules when writing the first draft is that you do so as quickly and as efficiently as possible. This means that you could start where you want. Don’t like writing intros? Fine, start with the first idea that pops in your head. Start with whatever interests you the most so that you can get into a rhythm to carry you through this entire phase.

Keep Going Forward

It’s never a good idea to go back and re-write anything you have put down in a rough draft. Even if you think you have repeated yourself or have written sentences that are complete nonsense, you’re better off moving forward. Remember that imperfections at this stage are perfectly acceptable.

Don’t Fill in the Blanks

Don’t worry about pieces of information that you don’t have, words that elude you, or ideas that you can’t seem to get quite right. A first draft will be filled with gaps or written in an illogical order. Leave the blank spaces and come back to them later, or better yet just fill them in when the right content finally does come to mind.


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