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Where to Look for Great Student Council Essay Examples

When you apply for a place in the student council, you have to write a special kind of essay. Strictly speaking, it is not even an essay like those you write on History or Literature; rather, a brief candidate’s program that should persuade students to vote for you. Approaching this nontrivial task, it might be useful to look at how other people solved it.

Your school’s website.

Do you know where student council essays written by last-year candidates, and those in all preceding years, go? Some schools store them on their websites. You can discover papers by several candidates on the same position, e. g. that of the school president. As you know who actually won, you can judge which approach works better. You can learn from winners on how to engage and persuade your audience in a written form.

Student council’s archive.

If your school website has no examples you are looking for, they might be stored in the archive of your student council. Ask a librarian, or a current council member (preferably not the one whose place you are going to take). As papers in the archive are stored in the paper form, prepare to take notes. It should not be difficult as student council essays are usually short: no longer than a single page, sometimes fitting in two or three paragraphs. Find out whether you are allowed to photocopy the papers you choose as your models; it might be a more convenient way to take them home for a deeper analysis.

Online databases.

Specialized essay databases contain all sorts of papers, including “why I should be in the student council” ones. Pay attention to the paper’s title; important information, such as what grade its author was in, should be included there. As you can’t know whether the author won the election or not, rely on your personal judgment to select the best examples. Ask yourself: would you vote for this person? If the answer is yes, look at the paper closer to see what exactly makes you believe that he or she is the best candidate.

The Web.

Put the words “student council essay example” into double quotes, and Google them. You might discover few examples, but these will be the most relevant ones. Many are not individual essays but whole collections available as PDF files, which is the most convenient format to read and download on most devices. Just check them with your antivirus to make sure the file is safe.


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