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Synthesis Vs Argumentative Essay: Similarities And Differences

There is a very good reason why students are normally asked to determine the differences and similarities that exist between two different essay writing styles. This is not just a means of trying to realize whether you know what to do. It is also a means of trying to tell you that there are different types of papers out there that you will be expected to write. When you are able to learn about this, it becomes easier for you to do a good work in the process.

Learning the different qualities that set these papers apart is the first of many steps of ensuring that you can be able to score really high marks when you finally get to send in your work. The following are a number of similarities and differences that exist between synthesis and argumentative essays:


  • The need for research
  • Whichever of these two papers you are working on, you will need to make sure that you do some good research in the long run. Proper research is important for you so that as you are working on the task, you will be more than capable of getting some good work done because you have nothing but the right tools and materials to work for you in terms of content.

  • Careful choice of topic
  • It is important that you learn how to choose the appropriate topic in this regard. All of these essays actually demand that when you are writing them, you focus on the topic that you want to write, and make sure that it is worthy of your investment in it.

  • Formulation of a thesis statement
  • One of the other things that you will notice when you are working on these papers is the fact that they all demand a good thesis statement, to give the reader a sense of direction when working on your paper.


  • Purpose
  • The purpose of writing either of these papers are different. For a synthesis paper, you are trying to understand a given idea and present it in such a way that it becomes easier for anyone else to follow suit. With an argument paper on the other hand, you simply are trying to argue your case and make a strong point.

  • The concept
  • The reason behind these papers is also something that you must look into closely, because this is what determines whether the paper is really worth attempting in the first place.


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