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Vital Things To Know While Writing A Personal Reflective Essay

Man is given the necessary faculties of correct thinking and reasoning; thus, he knows himself better than others. His actions reflect his personality and the outcome of such actions reveals the quality of his character. The idea of remembering the past events in our lives, whether they are good or unpleasant, allows us to appreciate the abundant blessings we have acquired and positively learn from the mistakes we have made with the prayer and intention of always doing good and avoiding temptation. This article will give you the opportunity to put into writing the realizations you personally discovered.

  1. Keep your environment free from noise and disturbance – This will allow you to concentrate on the topic you are writing.

  2. Examine the readiness of your mind – Since you will be writing on a sensitive topic, check the flow of your thoughts. If you are quite preoccupied with something, it’s better to put down the pen and come back when you are ready.

  3. Reflect sincerely on your title – Coming up with a striking one gives you a lot of endless ideas.

  4. Make a brief but meaningful topic sentence – Start your essay with a statement based on significant information or an unforgettable experience.

  5. Keep the flow of your ideas very close to each other – It’s like telling a story to your readers. Doing this will likely encourage focus and attention to every word in the article.

  6. Paint a picture of what’s going on – Use vivid descriptions of significant events or experiences in your life. This will allow your readers to relate to things that you have shared.

  7. Bring your audience to a different dimension – There should be a portion of your article which will bring them back to the time when the event took place or move them forward to a specific time in the future.

  8. Ask significant questions in between your statements – This will allow your readers also to make a reflection of themselves and eventually be moved by your experience.

  9. Totally reveal yourself to your readers – In case there are instances that you are angry or disappointed about some events in your life, express your doubts or fears in a professional way.

  10. Be honest about your actual realization of the matter – This is a critical part of your essay since this will be the core idea where your audience or readers will learn something from you.

You need not divulge very sensitive or too personal events or experiences in your life in writing a reflective essay. Since you are writing for people from all walks of life, it is impossible that no one from your readers have the same experience or idea. Keep some for yourself and use it when necessary.


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